Invest with Me

If you are interested in learning how to become an investor with the DJE, the Real Estate investment company I founded, please visit and our team will connect to see if you’re a fit.


Real Estate Education and Mentoring

If you re interested in learning how to become an investor/operator in Multifamily (apartments), I co-founded We’ve created a lot of free content and events on that platform.



In 2020 I created the, a self funded 501(c)(3) non-profit, to improve the lives of disadvantaged children. We make grants to a handful of projects. While our scope is limited, you can send grant requests and other inquires to foundation [@]

Host Me on Your Podcast

If you have an established business or Real Estate Investing podcast, I might be a good guest on your show. Invite me by emailing Podcast [@]


Be a Guest on my Podcast

If you are a founder of a successful company, or successful Real Estate entrepreneur, you might be a good guest on The DJE Podcast. Our studio is in Downtown San Antonio, Texas. In person podcasts are preferred. Please send your bio to Podcast [@]